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Position Title:

Director of 1st Impressions/Director of Marketing 


Immediate Supervisor:

Jerry Lynch, CFP(R) CLU(R) ChFC(R)


Summary/Purpose of Position:

Assist Jerry Lynch and the firm with developing, coordinating and implementing a marketing program to attract, retain and service Ideal Clients. Expand and further develop relationships with existing Ideal Clients and add prospective Ideal Clients to our client base. Communicate and reinforce our “Gold Medal Services” to our most important clients and prospective clients.


Primary Goal:

To attract new clients into the firm that match our firm’s capacities for both individuals and 401(k)’s


Duties and Responsibilities:

Marketing and Lead Generation:


  • Actively participate in developing the firm’s “Growth Initiative” program and marketing campaigns/activities
  • Develop, Coordinate and Implement our multi-touch 12 month “Marketing Calendar”
  • Manage and Implement our “Prospect Awareness” program
  • Coordinate Client/Prospect Newsletters and other marketing pieces
  • Produce and Manage “Client Education Events” and “Client Appreciation Events”
  • Manage and track all aspects of prospect relations from inception (cold calls, referrals and client events) through Initial Client Interview
  • Schedule appointments with client and prospects using CRM Software 
  • Review and coordinate all Web, Social Network, Electronic and Printed Marketing materials with Team and various regulating agencies.
  • Send out Client greeting cards/gifts (birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc)
  • Develop and implement strategic alliance programs with professional advisers
  • Maintain and Track “Cycle of Operations” for existing and potential Idea Clients.


Client Management:


  • Contact and schedule all clients for new business opportunities
  • Maintain & coordinate Jerry’s calendar and appointments with Team
  • Prepare Initial Client Interview packets.
  • Maintain Client Contact System and Smart Pad Notes.
  • Attend Client meetings when appropriate


  • Review and Monitor compliance procedures of Jerry.
  • Monitor Registered Investment Advisor compliance for FINRA and State of NJ.
  • Monitor Privacy Notices and procedures for clients.
  • Monitor client files for required documentation.
  • Monitor all out going marketing correspondence for compliance purposes.
  • Maintain marketing and product resource materials including product information, procedures contacts, addresses and forms.


Knowledge and Skills:

  • Goal Orientated and Self Starting
  • Multi-tasking Ability
  • Organizational Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Social Media
  • Basic business correspondence including proper letter/memo formats and grammar/punctuation/spelling accuracy
  • Proofreading accuracy
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Computer Software skills including Microsoft Office, Internet, Client Database CRM


Decision-Making (Degree of Independence):

As the Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager masters knowledge and skill areas, more control over decisions affecting areas of responsibility will relinquish. It is hoped that the Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager will have knowledge and skills necessary within 12-18 months from the date of hire. 


Scope of Accountability:

The Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager position is critical to the overall success of our Wealth Management Team; as such this team member has total accountability for all duties and areas of responsibility associated with this position.

The Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager will have access to Client and prospective Client Personal and Financial information and data and will be required to sign and abide with Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements. A Credit and Background check will be completed prior to hire. 



Individual will need to have a securities license or to obtain one. 


Work Schedule:

The Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager is expected to be a Full Time position. The candidate will have flexibility to control his or her schedule provided that the Goals, Duties and Responsibilities of this position are being met.



The Director of 1st Impression/Marketing Manager will receive base compensation and incentive bonuses based upon meeting and achieving Goals, Duties and Responsibilities of this position.


Call 973-439-1190 to apply or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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