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JFL 18th Anniversary Letter from the President

By Jerry Lynch, CFP CLU ChFC

On April 21st 1998 we opened our doors for the first time…one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life. I had a mortgage, was married and had a lot of financial obligations at that time. I was at a point in my career at my previous employer where I wasn’t having fun, I was getting incredibly frustrated with corporate policies and politics. I wanted to do something where I had more control, fun and where I would really add value.

Over this 18 year period of time, we have been in three locations. The first was in Palisades Park NJ for almost 3 years. Second was our old location in Fairfield where we were there for around 15 years. Finally last September we moved to our current location in Boonton NJ. Our new location in Boonton has more than 5 times the square footage of our old location and while we are only using the 1st floor right now, we have the ability to continue to grow without ever having to move again.

There are many people that I want to thank who have helped me get to this point. First would be my family and especially my wife Deena. As many of you know, being a business owner means that 9-5 is not an option, and you leave only when the job is done! You need a very supportive wife and family to do that.

Second, I wanted to thank my employees, especially Pam Karkenny who has worked with me off and on since I was skinny and had more hair (don’t want to put a year to that), and who handles all my established business. I also need to thank Steven Crevar, CFP my new business manager, Rafael Arellano who handles my reporting, and Nicole Johnson who is helping us with new business and many of our marketing events. They do a tremendous amount of work to provide these services to our clients.

Finally, I need to thank each and every one of you who have worked with us over the past 18 years! I meet a lot of people who do not like their job and are waiting for the day that they can retire. In comparison, each day I go to work excited about helping people and coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Working with each one of you individually has helped me more effectively work with everyone. I often say that my 90 year olds, help me work better with my 80 year olds, who help me plan for my 60-70 year olds, which helps me with pre-retirees planning for retirement. I have so much fun with working with you and wanted to take a moment to say thanks!

We have spent a lot of time, effort and money over the past year to upgrade all our systems, not to just have a new office. IT systems, technology, training and additional employees just to name a few. It is my goal to continue to add to the services that we provide, and look for ways to add additional value and to exceed your expectations.

Thanks again for an amazing 18 years and the confidence you have shown in our organization!


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