Not Your Typical New Jersey Financial Advisor…

JFL Total Wealth Management is not a typical financial planning firm. Located in Northern New Jersey and led by Jerry Lynch, CFP®, JFL Total Wealth Management helps our clients manage and create true wealth. It is very rare and difficult to become wealthy in the stock market; yet that’s the primary service offered by most financial advisors.

True wealth is created in four ways: 1.) owning real estate; 2.) owning a business; 3.) inheriting it; or 4.) having a long, long time period for systematic and consistent securities investing. For this reason, we do specialize in working with business owners and real estate investors, though we proudly work with anyone serious about investing for their future. Our client list includes owners of business in information technology (IT), trucking, construction, pharmaceuticals, and medical practitioners/doctors among many others.

One other area of expertise that sets us apart is Tax Planning. Tax planning is central to everything we do for our clients. Effective tax planning saves business owners and real estate investors money…and it’s not about paying less than you owe. It’s about properly positioning the ownership of your assets and timing transactions so that you don’t pay more than you should. This type of expertise is rarely found in typical investment advisors.

If you’re interested in learning more about how JFL Total Wealth Management can help you, please request a consultation or call (973) 439-1190.

By the way…the Tortoise ALWAYS wins!



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